The Science of Happiness at Work

The Science of Happiness at Work

The Psychometrics Forum is Britain’s leading independent group of psychometric practitioners.

Its purpose is to enhance the understanding of psychometrics and promote best practice in their use.

The forum runs several learning events during the year to help users evaluate specific tests and generate informed debate.

Their first meeting in 2013 was held on 13th February at the Naval Club in (Mayfair) London:

 “The Science of Happiness at Work; a fad, a fashion, or the future for Organisation and Individual Effectiveness?”

Speakers were:

  • Jessica Pryce-Jones – CEO of the iOpener Institute for People & Performance
  • Anthony Phillips – Founder and CEO of WellKom International
  • Matthew Critchlow – Managing Director of Thrive Training

In the morning session Jessica Pryce-Jones presented findings from a seven year research program which has found that the Science of Happiness at Work is closely associated with performance, productivity and potential.  Importantly, the work of the iOpener Institute has shown that investments in happinness produce a significant return on investment.

In the afternoon Anthony Phillips (CEO of WellKom International) and Matthew Critchlow (MD of Thrive) shared details of WellKom’s Wellness Profiling and Reporting software and how it can be used with other psychometric tools to promote wellbeing and higher performance.  The Personal Wellness Profile™ (PWP) is a new psychometric tool that provides a detailed measure of personal health and wellbeing. In long-term studies in the workplace, the PWP has been shown to promote adoption of healthy lifestyle habits, reduce sickness absence and enhance productivity1. During this session Anthony discussed the benefits of investing in employee wellbeing and talked about the design of the PWP.  Matthew talked his experience of using the PWP in a coaching context and also the accreditation training for the PWP.


1Integral Wellness Management by James Anderson-Dixon and Matthew Critchlow. The HR Bulletin, University of Portsmouth Business School and Portsmouth CIPD Group (December 2007). Download article.