Resilience Quotient Inventory (RQi)

Resilience Quotient Inventory (RQi)

The Resilience Quotient Inventory™ (RQi™) is our ground-breaking psychometric tool that provides a detailed measure of resilience for individuals, teams and organisations. It measures beliefs, behaviours, and environmental factors that enable people to cope well under stress and bounce back from adversity. The RQi is a multi-dimensional measure of resilience, designed specifically to support personal development.

The RQi™ uses psychometric measures developed by leading psychologists from around the world along with new scales (e.g. for Engagement and Perseverance) developed by Dr Matthew Critchlow (Thrive and University of Westminster) and Dr Julian Edwards (Open University).

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The RQi™ is structured around an evidenced-based model of resilience: The Seven Elements of Resilience (left). The Elements split down further into a total of 28 sub-scales.

HOw does it work?

Users complete a secure online questionnaire and receive a personalised report in which their own scores (across all composite scales and sub-scales) are compared to a sample population of working adults in the UK. The RQi report also provides tailored guidance on how to build even greater resilience.

What does our research show?

We believe the Resilience Quotient Inventory is one of the best tested and most comprehensive measures of resilience available anywhere in the world.

Our latest research shows that when respondents are ranked according to their scores on key RQi sub-scales, people in the top quartile (i.e. most resilient) v. bottom quartile have:

  • Desig for RQi Cards Jan 2016110% HIgher Subjective Wellbeing

  • 58% lower stress scores

  • 42% Fewer Sick Days

  • 13% higher work performance*

The RQi™ is already being used by leading employers and key opinion leaders in the UK including the Home Office, the Royal College of Psychiatrists, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and the University of Westminster, Centre for Resilience.


The RQi™ offers a number of unique benefits, it …

  • Measures characteristics that predict low stress, low sickness absence and high levels of work performance
  • Provides personalised feedback on Seven Elements of Resilience and 28 sub-scales to raise self-awareness and prompt changes
  • Offers tailored advice on how to build even greater resilience based on personal scores via online guides and video clips
  • Is supported by one-to-one coaching to promote adoption of new habits and long-term behavioural change

Become an rqi practitioner

we run a 2 1/2-day RQi Practitioner Course for people who want to use the RQi with their clients. This course is for experienced coaches, Occupational Psychologists and other learning and development (L&D) professionals with experience in employee wellbeing. To find-out more about the Practitioner Training, please email: or call 020 8673 5587.

*This analysis is based on a representative sample of working adults in the UK (n = 507) who completed the RQi between Oct-Dec 2015 and compares top quartile v. bottom quartile ranked on 8 RQi sub-scales: Meaning and Purpose, Perseverance, Engagement, Learning and Growth, Optimism, Self-Confidence, Personal Control and Self-Compassion.