The 2nd Engagement and Wellbeing Forum (EWF) took place on 27th February 2012 at the University of Westminster in Central London.  We were delighted to have Dame Carol Black as our keynote speaker. Dame Carol delivered a fantastic summary of evidence supporting greater investment in employee wellbeing.

Also speaking were Matthew Critchlow (MD of thrive and Visiting Lecturer at the University of Westminster) and Robin Gargrave (from Central YMCA). We learned about the many strategies, implemented by government and employers, to promote greater wellbeing, reduce sickness absence and enhance productivity in the workplace.

The Engagement and Wellbeing Forum is a network of like-minded professionals from private, public and third sector organisations who share similar interests in employee wellbeing and engagement .  The aim of the forum is to allow members to share ideas, resources and support so they can promote engagement and wellbeing in their own organisations using the most effective strategies available.

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