The 1st Engagement and Wellbeing Forum was held at the magnificent Victoria and Albert Museum (insert) on 21st July 2011. We were delighted to have Dr. Eileen Cahill-Canning (Chief Medical Officer at the Metroplitan Police) as our keynote speaker.

Dr. Cahill-Canning talked about the Met’s training programme on stress awareness that received a National Training Award in 2010 (Training Awards).  The audience were given an opportunity to review the DVD’s used in the programme and heard a personal account of how the training was designed (using Emotional Intelligence principles); how it was delivered and evaluated and how it benefited the Met Police in terms of reduced sickness absence and huge cost savings.

Jo Dickie (Staff Welfare Officer at the V&A) helped to organise the event, welcomed attendees and shared some of her experiences in designing and delivering wellbeing programmes at the V&A.

Matthew Critchlow (MD of thrive) also delivered an interactive session on How to Design a Wellbeing Strategy.

Amongts the audience were representatives from the University of Westminster, The London School of Economics, the Tate, Suffolk County Council and a number of Housing Associations.